Simple Cell – Replacement Salt Cell
Simple Cell – Replacement Salt Cell

Simple Cell

Backed by Optimum's Guarantee, whether used with the AquaRite® or any other compatible system listed here!

The Simple Cell contains 13 high performance titanium electrode plates, coated with a special formula that combines the most corrosion resistant metals known to man, iridium and ruthenium, to ensure extended cell life and increased chlorine production efficiency!

♦ Clear outer cell housing for easy inspection of cell plates, making cleaning and maintenance quick and easy

♦ Increased iridium coating of cell plates for extended cell life

♦ One (1) Year Full Warranty

♦ For pools up to 40,000 gallons

♦ 13 High Performance titanium electrode plates, 15 water flow passages

♦ 30g/h chlorine output

♦ 15′ cord – No need for problematic re-plumbing. All replacement cells neatly fit into the original plumbing configuration and plug right into the control panel exactly as the Hayward/Goldline® model does!


Model: Simple-Cell


Compatible with the following Hayward®/Goldline® Salt Systems:

♦ Aqua Rite®
♦ Aqua Logic®


♦ Mineral Springs®
♦ SplashCLEAR®
♦ AquaRite Pro®
♦ AquaRite XL®
♦ Pro Logic®
♦ AquaPlus®
♦ Blue Haven SmartPure®
♦ LeverEdge Guardian®
♦ SwimPure Plus®
♦ H40®
♦ Splash SP-40®


*Compatible with all Hayward®/Goldline® software versions
*NOT compatible with AquaTrol® systems which use a T-5 size salt cell.

Qty of electrode plates: 13 titanium plates

Chlorine output: 30g/h

Rated: Up to 40,000 gallon pool

Cell Voltage: Typically 22.0 to 26.0 volts when chlorine is being generated, otherwise 30-35 volts

Cell Current: Typically 2.50 to 4.00 amps when chlorine is being generated, otherwise 0 amps

Simple Cell Owner’s Manual